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What we do

  The Gunpowder Valley Motorcycle Club, Inc. is an entity created to promote motorcycle riding and provide recreation to its members and their families by organizing common interests into cooperative efforts and activities. The club operates as a not-for-profit organization and is first and foremost, a RIDING CLUB. Regular club meetings are held the last Friday of each month, or at such other time as designated at a previous meeting. Although GVMC may have a colorful outlaw history, we are very much a family oriented club today. Many of our events are designed to engage the entire family.


Our members

GVMC operates in Baltimore, Maryland, USA and its surrounding counties and is chartered with the AMA (#4964). Our members are veteran offroad riders and their families who enjoy outdoor activities, including many forms of competition, recreational riding and camping. Our exciting events and meetings always involve the consumption of delicious food and drink, often featuring signature creations prepared by one of our master outdoor chefs on the club's own rotisserie grille. In recent years, GVMC has grown significantly, however the club's membership is now limited to 75 families. New members are admitted by another member's invitation only.


How we got started

  GVMC was co-founded by George K. and Andy H. on the last Friday in November of 1979; there were about 10 other charter members. This is Andy’s account of the beginning years:


GVMC was started as an off-shoot of an informal group of dirt bike riders known only to themselves as the “White Marsh Raiders”...


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The Yeoho Hare Scramble

A Modern Classic

The signature event of the club that everyone loves, 2019 is year 27 and counting! An event for the whole family with youth and adult classes alike!


Ride With Us!


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

No reason to be a deadbeat! Previously vetted members who are unable to make a meeting may also pay their dues from the comfort of their home, while wearing their BVD's. We also understand that not everyone joins to ride. Your ongoing support as such a member is highly encouraged and will enable us to include you in all continuing club correspondence and goings-on. GVMC's family network is very much alive and on the move - today!

For your convenience, annual club dues may be now paid using PayPal. Riders, and others who still want to stay connected with the Gunpowder Off-Road scene, it just doesn't get any easier than this.

Pre-Pay the Hat, Brother

Don't want to be bothered with cash? Members (only) may pre-pay their $10 monthly meeting food donation in $10 increments, with a minimum of $20. A one-time $100 donation here will get you 12 hat credits!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card